A Year In Review


Hello Threads of Solidarity fam,

It’s June 2018 and that marks the anniversary of many big things. Threads of Solidarity is a little over a year old and we have seen tremendous growth. We completed and published 21 action calls, 17 original articles by Women of Color which have been posted on Huffington Post, Everyday Feminism, The Body is Not an Apology among other places. To date, we have 1,300 followers on Medium, almost 800 followers on Facebook, and we are continuing to grow our Twitter presence.

We started off with a strong push back on whiteness and the Trump administration and calling for all the chaotic attention that was released after the election to be focused on those most vulnerable and hurt by his presence, election and policies that were still yet to come. We were vigilant, alert, keeping an eye on every angle that they could be coming from and finding ways for people to not just be enraged, but be effective for those it matters most for.

We’ve dug into our own pain and worked on foundations for healing. We have amplified the voices of our fellow Women and non-binary people of color and continue growing and changing every day.

Echoing what we said in our “Whiteness Break” article, it is easy to see the world as revolving around whiteness and 45’s garbage, and those things are very much there, but they do not need to control the entirety of us. Our wholeness, our care and our love, should be solidly focused on us. Not just defending, not just protecting, but cultivating, loving, growing, being. Whiteness is constantly trying to take that which is most precious to us — our humanity. And we want to use this space to save, hold and nurture our wholeness, while still holding a consciousness of structural violences we are confronted with every day.

Among our own WOC leadership, 2017 brought a lot of changes, shedding old burdens, growing new relationships, gloriously stumbling towards our own honesty, and strengthening our individual voices, while figuring out how to become a supportive chorus of our own, shifting away from the every moment and every day white supremacy dance to find what it feels like to stand firmly on our own terms. In 2017, we decided to love us unflinchingly while we continue to fight for us and our kin every day.

This has been a long journey, but the journey is not over. We look forward to deepening our knowledge, solidarity, strength, hearts, and above all else we look forward to expanding our own humanity and working with you all to do the same.

Solidarity and Love,

Threads of Solidarity

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